Greetings to all

From the desk of Mrs Claus: Mrs Claus opens her heart to tell the children of the world how she feels about them this Christmas.
From the desk of Mrs Claus: Mrs Claus opens her heart to tell the children of the world how she feels about them this Christmas.

To all the children of the world, 

When I married my dear husband Nicholas, (known to the world as Santa Claus) I knew that I was not only going to share my life with a very important and busy man but also with hundreds of thousands of children. 

And I’m writing to you to tell you how much joy you have brought me over the years. 

When you write a letter to Santa, it’s me who opens it first. 

Yes, I’m lucky enough to read all your letters first.

And my dear children, I have to tell you, I love reading them. It always amazes me how grateful you all are to Santa for everything he does. 

And most of you are keen to tell us something about what you have been up to during the year (which we love to read about, by the way!) 

We also love to hear about all the things you would like Santa to bring you. 

Even though some of your requests are impossible to deliver, Santa tries his very best to make all your wishes come true. And if he is unable to get what you ask for, he makes sure to get something he think you’ll enjoy just as much. 

You see, making you happy is the reason we get up every day. We love how happy you all get as you decorate the tree and help your parents prepare for visitors. 

What also warms our heart are the reports our elves give us that so many of you try hard all year to be good. 

Every time you show kindness or compassion to someone or do something to make someone else’s life better is seen by one of our eagle-eyed elves and they report it back to us. 

I also wanted to remind all the children of the world to remember their parents this Christmas. 

We know you sometimes get upset with them. But remember, your parents love you dearly. Even if they sometimes get angry or impatient with you. You have to remember, they sometimes get caught up in all the things they have to worry about. Their cranky boss at work, the fizzy drink spilled on the carpet and the fact that none of the trees in the backyard seem to be growing any money, no matter how much they water them! Your parents don’t always have the patience Santa and I have – but then they don’t have thousands of elves helping them either! 

We hope you take the time to give Mum and Dad (or whoever takes good care of you) a wonderful warm hug. 

Santa and I also want to let you all know how proud we are of you and how much Santa is looking forward to seeing all of you on Christmas Eve. But don’t forget, if you hear him on your roof, you must go straight to sleep. His magic won’t work while anyone is still awake. 

Love and Christmas wishes to all, Mrs Claus.