Letters to the editor, The Esperance Express

Woolworths Esperance manager Troy Rawle. Photo: Jesinta Burton.
Woolworths Esperance manager Troy Rawle. Photo: Jesinta Burton.

A thank you

We would like to say a big thank you to Esperance Shire residents for their incredible support of Foodbank through the Woolworths winter fundraising appeal.

With demand for food relief outstripping supply, you have significantly helped warm-up winter for some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

More than 16 million kilograms of food has been donated -  the equivalent of over 30 million meals donated to Foodbank by Woolworths since our partnership began in 2002.

This winter, thanks to Woolworths customers, that number is growing, providing help to some of the 3.2 million Australians who require food relief assistance each year.

By adding so many $2 Foodbank tokens to shopping trolleys, Esperance residents helped us reach our national goal of providing 762,948 meals to Australian families in need.

With 40% of food insecure households families having dependent children, the funds raised during the winter appeal have helped struggling families make ends meet.

Thank you for your generosity at a time of year when families most desperately need assistance.

Woolworths’ aim of supporting hunger relief and helping feed millions of Australians in need would not have been possible without your support.

Woolworths Esperance manager, Troy Rawle.

Back to the Tanker Jetty

Yes, I agree with Merv Andre, Jim Andre and David Dwyer in their Letters published in The Esperance Express’ September 7 edition – this is what we all have been saying for years. 

If we start pointing fingers at who or what, it’ll probably be another decade before anything is done. I would like to suggest that we accept the draft jetty concept design for a replacement jetty as it is. 

This design concept is much better than what we have been offered before. Perhaps we accept this design concept and work together as a community – then we will get something worth fighting for. 

We have tried as several slightly different groups and the Shire Council sat back and laughed at us fighting each other. 

As a united community, we have a far better chance of success – please stand together.

Maybe this is not what we really want but it is a lot better than what we have. Let us agree together. 

No government will help fund something that is dividing a community. If we can agree and this replacement jetty is built, it is a start and, at a later date with finance and agreement, we could extend, upgrade or enhance our jetty. 

This concept design is for the most expensive fishing jetty in Australia. A community is not built on squabbling, fighting and the blame game.

I choose to be a member of the Esperance community but all I see is backbiting and deception. Forget the minor details. 

Agree together – this is what we need!

Dave Law.