Castletown Primary School Colour Fun Run a success

The Castletown Primary P&C hosted the school’s first Colour Fun Run, raising over $21,000.

The Fun Run held on Thursday, September 13 raised $21,209.87 as of Friday midday.

Sixty per cent of funds go to the P&C for school resources, 10 per cent go towards the CUA School Fun Run which supplies pamphlets, materials and administrative support and 30 per cent goes back to students who can purchase their own supplies. 

Colour Fun Run coordinator Tiana Gilchrist said the event provided a positive experience not only for students but for teachers, parents and emergency services.

School P&C president Sandra Prosser said the event was a big success.

“We’ve got the fire brigade, police and the ambulance here,” she said.

“The kids are having a great time.

“The students were very excited about the day, but to actually get here and to have this carnival atmosphere is great.”

Students ran laps around the school oval and were sprayed with water and coloured powder.

The students also ran through an obstacle course and received an icy pole at the end.

The school held a sponsorship competition between each class to see which class could raise the most money.

Eloise Young’s EC2 Pre-primary class won, raising $2349.34.

Wendy Weckert’s EC5 Group 2 Kindergarten class was the runner-up, with a fundraising tally of $2233.94.

The top fundraising student was Logan A from Kindergarten who raise $601.28, with Pre-primary student Samuel S coming in second with a fundraising tally of $473.58.