Esperance projects could benefit from GST reform: Senate candidate

Nationals WA Senate candidate Nick Fardell with his family in Esperance. Photo: Jake Dietsch.
Nationals WA Senate candidate Nick Fardell with his family in Esperance. Photo: Jake Dietsch.

The Nationals WA have claimed urgent GST reform is needed to address crucial projects in the Esperance region.

Nationals WA Senate candidate Nick Fardell said the State Barrier Fence Esperance extension and the Esperance Tanker Jetty needed federal help to get off the ground.

“These projects are crucial and the federal government needs to put their money where their mouth is,” he said.

Mr Fardell said legislating a GST floor would secure WA’s financial future.

He said with the major parties in agreement on a GST solution for WA, there was no need to wait until after the election to act.

“It may have taken the major parties seven years to get the message, but now that we are all on the same page there is no reason to delay GST reform any longer,” he said. 

Mr Fardell said if a GST floor was not enshrined in legislation now, then West Australians could be skeptical after the election, when political circumstances may change.

“After a decade of disdain, the major parties now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show the people of Western Australia some goodwill and enshrine the GST solution in legislation,” he said.

Mr Fardell said a long-term GST solution, protected by legislation, was vital for WA’s economic security.

“While I welcome WA’s Liberal and Labor representatives finally listening to the people of Western Australia, there is a vast gulf between talk and action,” he said. 

“Before the major parties go patting themselves on the back any further, this gulf must be crossed, and we must see the GST floor legislated.”

Mr Fardell said a proposal to introduce a 75 cent GST floor for all States and Territories could be introduced into Federal Parliament this year and enshrined in legislation by Christmas.