Esperance Operation Christmas Child exceeds goal for 2018

The Operation Christmas Child Esperance Shoebox team have exceeded their packing goal, following ongoing community support and two intensive packing days.

A Youth Night was then held between 6:00pm and 9:00pm on September 7.

Youth Night participants rotated between different stations including a packing station, a table tennis station and a pool table station. 

Esperance Shoebox team member Susan Thomason said there was a good turnout. 

“We had around 50 participants at the Youth Night on Friday night and then smaller groups throughout the day,” she said.

Mrs Thomason said the team had a packing goal of 500 boxes, which they had exceeded.

The boxes are expected to be delivered in the last week of September and then the group will start preparing for the following year almost immediately.

“In regards to community support, it happens all through the year, it doesn't just happen on the packing days,” Mrs Thomason said.

“There are people who drop things off when we are at the Tor Youth Shed or at the Christian Bookshop.”