Esperance skippers to take part in Old4New program

A marine safety program has been expanded to the Esperance region.

Old4New lifejackets will be open to Esperance skippers, with the Transport Department offering vouchers to replace outdated and damaged jackets.

Department manager for safety education Laurie Adams said skippers were responsible for ensuring safety equipment was in good order and readily accessible in an emergency.

“Marine education and regional transport officers who patrol local waters will offer Old4New lifejacket upgrades and show people how to maintain the new generation inflatable lifejackets,” he said.

The program is an upgrade opportunity where old, damaged, obsolete or foam filled lifejackets can be exchanged for a voucher at a local retail outlet when purchasing a new lifejacket.

“It is a hugely successful program which has seen more than 2,000 unsafe lifejackets taken off boats in WA,” Mr Adams said.

Old4New representatives will be at the Emergency Services Day. 

Mr Adams said skippers could get updates and tips on safe boating from the officers at the event. 

“We will be telling skippers they should conduct a safety briefing before each trip so passengers know where the safety equipment is stowed and how to use it,” he said.

To view the program conditions and guidelines click here