Shire of Esperance receive tip test results

Pump testing undertaken at the proposed Merivale Tip site has revealed that groundwater would take 41 years to reach the landfill boundary in the event of a leak.

The Shire of Esperance engaged an independent hydrogeologist to undertake the pump testing to determine the speed of groundwater movement back in June.

The results indicated that the Pallinup Siltstone at the site was moderately permeable with groundwater flow velocity at the site calculated at 39 metres a year.

The calculation means it would take 41 years for a contaminant to travel the 1.6km to the southern boundary.

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Principal hydrogeologist Phil Wharton said the site was moderately permeable and suitable for the construction of leachate recovery bores and there would be sufficient time to construct a bore to intercept any leachate.

Shire of Esperance chief executive officer Matthew Scott said the shire would continue to follow the process and work with the EPA on the scoping document.

“Council is yet to make any further decisions on this project, but we wanted to make the results of the pumping tests publicly available,” he said.

Council made the decision to engage an independent hydrogeologist back in June, allocating a further $120,000 to testing at the proposed tip site.

The Wylie Bay Waste Facility is due to close in August, 2019.

More to come.