McCreeds Classique Jewellers' team effort

Photo: Jesinta Burton.
Photo: Jesinta Burton.

In an award first, the entire team at McCreeds Classique Jewellers have received the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Customer Service of the month award.

The team were nominated for the month of July for their great service and great value, something Owner Wayne Karger said he was honoured to hear.

“To get recognition like this for the work that we do here is great – it’s always nice to hear good feedback from your customers,” Mr Karger said.

“We try to give great service all of the time and, as a business owner, it’s nice to know that the customer feels that.

“To be nominated as a team feels good, it means that everybody is doing the right thing.”

After working with the company for almost 17 years, Mr Karger said the best part of his job had become interacting with customers at different stages in their life.

“The best part of this job is the interaction with customers, especially in those moments when the partners of the customers get them something really special that they don’t know is coming,” he said.

“When you see them come back in with a gift or an engagement ring to say thank you it’s always nice.

“We see a whole cross-section; from babies being born to special gifts and then when people depart and you do special things for that as well.

“After being here for 17 years, you do see kids that started out as sweethearts and bought that first little gift go on to purchase engagement rings and baby gifts.

To see that progression, to watch that journey, is really satisfying.

“We’re fortunate enough that we watch people’s life journeys and create customers for life.”

Mr Karger extended thanks to the anonymous nominator for taking time out of their day to recognise the business.

The other person nominee for the month of July was Ashton Bee from Bradshaws Pharmacy.

As a recipient of the monthly award, the team will now go into the running to win the Esperance Chamber of Commerce’s Customer Service of the Year Award.

Customers who wish to nominate an employee for exceptional customer service are encouraged to forward their full name and business to