Hockey – ESP Aug 31

Emus v Mallees

Emus and Mallee started with excellent play by Emus and centre half Ali McArthur. Mallee’s pressure was excellent with strategic tackling by Megan Campbell. Tish Aldermans well placed hits for Emus led to the first goal scored by Isabelle Sanford.

After the first 15 minutes Mallee’s play improved and their first goal was scored by Tash McCarthy. With five minutes to go Emus kept up their strength and Tish Alderman scored their second goal. With the halftime score seeing Emus leading Mallees 2-1, Mallees gave it all they had to keep the ball in their attacking half for long periods. Ali McArthur led the play back into Emu’s attacking half several times, with strategic leading and hits into space.

Mallees best leads into the attacking circle for stopped by Emus halfback Aliesha Nelson, which prevented them from scoring. When Emus were controlling the play, Mallees Ada Smith tackled brilliantly to regain the ball. Mallee goalkeeper Sara Nolan made some excellent blocks which kept Emus at bay.

Final score Emus 2 - Mallees 1

Legs v Bacchus

Both teams started strong and determined efforts were equal. Tash Woodhouse scored an early goal for Bacchus. There were numerous short corners to Bacchus, however Legs were strong in defence. A second goal to Bacchus was soon scored by Danni McMahon. Another penalty corner to Bacchus resulted in a penalty flick goal to Kate Morley and a 3-0 lead at the halftime break.

The second half saw Bacchus earn many penalty corners, which resulted in two goals to Gail Anderson and Yasmin Gibson. Legs had a few penalty corner chances, but were unable to convert.

Final score Bacchus 6 - Legs 0

Condy v Strikers

Both teams showed great skill early on. A well timed run and hit by Juliette gave Condy the first goal, after the ball took a deflection of a Strikers stick. Strikers tried to retaliate with Bec Darlow having a good crack at goals, but it was defended away by Condys goalie. A quick turnaround saw Janelle head down the left wing, before a pass to Rachel McDonald saw her score Condy’s second goal.

Condy were quick to get it back to their end after some great defensive work from their strikers, and a penalty stroke was awarded. Unfortunately Rachel McDonald was unable to convert. Strikers continued to fight hard and forced a penalty corner after a push forward, but couldn’t capilitise. Strikers had the majority of the play in the latter stages of the first half, and Bec Darlow earnt her side another penalty corner opportunity before the break. Debra McBride was unable to convert, leaving the halftime score 2-0 to Condy.

Condy started the second half off with a quick goal to Kym Walter. Play moved from both ends with both teams unable to consolidate their penalty corner opportunities. After another few failed attempts, a lovely slap hit from the spot from Rachel gave Condy their fourth goal. Condy kept pushing, earning another penalty stroke late in the game, with Rachel stepping up and putting a great flick away to the left.

Final score Condy 5 - Strikers 0