Esperance Netball Association results

Esperance Netball Association Results: Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25.


Newtown 50 def United 34

Pleasant game to umpire with both teams playing in the spirit.

Best Players – M Wood H Wells T Tucker C Mcintyre

Gibson 49 def Surfers 38

Best Players – S Walter T Kennedy S Bertola M Bertola

Rookies 60 def Mallee 40

Fast paced game by both teams. Rookies were just too strong.

Best Players – F Kennedy K Zaro J Atherton J Herzer


Newtown 60 def Surfers 24

Great to see the girls having fun. Lots of smiles

Best Players – K Robartson C Faziolli B Kennedy K Turrell

Gibson 52 def Mallee 43

Best Players –


Newtown 4 58 def Mallee 3 20

Great game by Newtown. They were just too strong.

Best Players – J Wynn H Torelli H Barrett

Gibson 4 50 def Gibson 5 28

Great way to end the season for both teams. Well done girls

Best Players – K Smith Z Fiegert C Daly D Rooney


Surfers 27 def Rookies 3 21

Best Players – H Schmidt R Cole J Moir K Linden

Gibson 45 def TDS 25

Good game played with great energy

Best Players – T Bridges M Oneil B Gordon M Marshal


Rookies 54 def Mallee 15

Great effort by all players

Best Players – K Buttle B Somerville M Rhodes H Barrett

Newtown 46 def Surfers 29

Great game and very close contest. Defence down both ends was exceptional. 

Best Players – B Jack A Andrews R Dempster A Jones

Newtown 30 def Gibson 27

Best Players – A Baxter M Podmore T Kuss G Rodgers


Surfers 41 def Newtown 34

The lead changed many times during the game. Great shooting by both teams

Best Players – M Bourne S Kiripatea M Johnston E Newton

United 18 def ENA Stars 17

Best Players – J Connell L Esposito D Button A Goonack