Round sees lots of close matches

ROUND 11 – August 11

Strikers 3 defeated Legs 2 – Goals: Strikers – Debra McBride (1), Bec Darlow (1), Nickee Priestly (1); Legs – Ellen Timmins (1), Rachel Pitman (1); After an even fought start to the game, Legs centre forward Rachel Pitman scored and early goal. Strikers undeterred took it straight up their end with Bec Darlow forcing a short corner. Stikers continued to try and even the score with several attacks on goals, finally paying off with a pass into the circle from Meg Baker to beck Darlow who flicked it past the goalie. Strikers didn’t stop there with continued pressure forward resulting in a short which Debra McBride hit in from the top of the circle. The second half started with an early goal from Strikers’ Nickee Priestley, taking the score to 3-1 in Strikers favour. Legs were undeterred attacking forward to cause a short corner which resulted in Ellen Timmins converting a penalty stroke to take the score to 3-2.

Emus 1 d. by Furies 2 – Goals: Emus – Jill Olfield (1); Furies – Renee Dowsett (1), Jacqui Tonkin (1); Emus took control of play from the start whistle with three short corners in the first 10 minutes. A goal by number 19 put Emus in the lead. After hard fighting Furies pulled through with a goal by number 18. Strong defence from both teams ensured the score didn’t change before half-time. The second half started with both teams fighting hard for the ball. The game was becoming tense as a card was handed to Emus’ number 15. Excellent traps and hits by Jacqui Tonkin pushed Furies forward but Emus were relentless. Furies’ efforts finally earned them another goal by Jacqui Tonkin. Time was called as Emus had a shot at goals but the score remained 2-1 to Furies.

Condingup 2 d. Mallee 0 – Goals: Condingup – Rachel McDonald (2); Strong start from Mallee with plenty of entries into the attacking circle. Ten minutes in and Condingup forced a short corner. The game saw play move from one end to the other with both teams not converting from short corners. With five minutes to go in the first half Rachel McDonald was able to sneak a goal past the Mallee keeper to put Condingup one goal ahead at half-time. Opening minutes of the second half saw Condingup come out strong, unable to convert from a short corner. Quick change of ends for a short at Mallee's end. Kerrie Longbottom’s driving pressure down the side making opportunities but with no score. Condingup short called no score but was followed by a penalty stroke taken and converted by Rachel McDonald for their second goal.