Ravensthorpe Police charge 19 year-old with reckless driving

Ravensthorpe Police charged a 19 year-old Ravensthorpe male with reckless driving on Thursday, August 9.

The driver’s vehicle was also impounded and a work order was issued.

Ravensthorpe Police sergeant Jamie Paterson said the offender allegedly drove recklessly and did burnouts on a road in Hopetoun on Sunday, July 29.

Mr Paterson said someone took photos of the incident and the driver put the photos on his Facebook profile. 

The sergeant said the charges were made after police received assistance in their investigation from members of the public.

“We are always thankful for public assistance because this kind of driving can lead to road trauma, which we then have to deal with on the other end” he said. 

The alleged offender is due in Ravensthorpe Court on Tuesday, September 18.