Esperance Shire allocates $60,000 to Pink Lake study

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

The Esperance Shire has allocated $60,000 towards a feasibility study to determine if it is possible to reverse the environmental changes that have impacted the algae that gave Pink Lake its colour.

Pink Lake Recovery Group founder Chris Pope said it was great the shire were taking a proactive interest in the lake.

“I think it might have surprised them, as it has me, the amount of public concern to do with the lake,” he said.

“I myself didn't think this was going to be as big a project as it's become.”

Mr Pope said he hoped the shire heeded the advice of the “well informed and passionate team” at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

“[The department] have been very proactive with me as well,” he said.

Mr Pope said there was a lot of work that needed to happen around the lake and whether the shire would discover anything new was ‘anyone’s guess’.

“There is a lot of work around the lake that needs to happen including physically cleaning up and re-vegetating, but also creating the reserve to encompass the entire lake,” he said. 

Esperance Shire chief executive officer Matthew Scott said council’s decision to investigate the idea of turning Pink Lake pink again could help encourage more visitors to Esperance.

“Council also wanted to acknowledge the work passionate members of our community have already done in an effort to clean up Pink Lake,” he said.

“The study will look at the research that has already been done and will look at new ideas to see if it is possible to turn the lake pink again.

“The study will require the collection and analysis of scientific data from Pink Lake and the lakes system and catchment as a whole.”

Mr Scott said the Shire had already been in contact with Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and would work with them, and other stakeholders during the study.