Esperance Activ begin café partnership

Sarah Hall is enjoying the start of her barrista career. Photo: Jake Dietsch.
Sarah Hall is enjoying the start of her barrista career. Photo: Jake Dietsch.

Activ started a four week partnership with Esperance Café on Monday August 6, with the goal of launching their own coffee shop following the month of training.

Activ Goldfields regional operations manager Lynda Paxton said ‘once upon a time’ employment for people with disability was offered in what were known as ‘sheltered workshops’. 

“Today it is well recognised that people with disability enjoy meaningful jobs in their local communities,” she said.

“People with disability build strong connections with customers.

“They boost staff morale and loyalty by helping to create a diverse workforce. 

“Employees with a disability tend to have less turnover which will reduce recruitment and retraining costs.”

Ms Paxton said the Activ Foundation were supporting a number of their customers to achieve their individual employment goals. 

She said Activ were very lucky to have formed their first partnership with Esperance Café.

“Thanks to management and staff at the café, some of our customers and support workers are spending time at the cafe over the next four weeks,” she said.

“During this time they will be supported in customer service, money handling, food preparation and will learn barista skills. 

“Activ are also hoping to sell coffee from our premises on Shelden Road, it is hoped that our supported employees will be able to independently run a drop in coffee shop.”

Activ employee Sarah Hall said the partnership was a good opportunity for the community to learn about Activ’s work.

“I’m enjoying learning how to make coffees and the atmosphere is really great,” she said. 

Esperance Café owner Brian Gallop said it was brilliant for supported employees to learn new skills.

“I’ve got a close working relationship with Activ, my youngest brother is one of the clients of Activ,” he said.

“For me, supporting Activ in town and keeping them here is the most important thing.”