Esperance Rifle Club hits new target

The Esperance Rifle Club has taken the next step forward in the technology world of electronic targets.

The Esperance Rifle Club has taken the next step forward, using new technology to set up electronic targets which give instant scores and results

The club has installed a Silver Mountain wi-fi target.

Mike Henley, Ray Hurley and Ken Mortimer have built the foundations to carry the new target frame purpose-built by a local roof truss factory.

Henley took on the responsibility of the build for the foundation and frame while Mortimer fitted the actual corflute and 800-yard aiming mark.

A busy bee was held with three members Hurley, Mortimer and Graham Donovan attaching the target to the target frame on July 28.

With Hurley’s experience with the Silver Mountain targets at the Boddington Range over the last couple of seasons he programmed the new target at 100 yards with the help of a couple of calls to Brett Bunyan of the Boddington club.

With great expectation the first shot was fired and with a little tweaking there was a signal and shots indicated on the target.

Some more instructions given to the program and it was almost working correctly, indicating shot values, velocity overall score and group size including width and height.

The next job was to calibrate the target at 800 yards, which Hurley fine-tuned throughout the week in readiness for the practice day on Saturday.

Some more work was done in preparation setting up the wind flags and new flag poles, while others cleaned the approaches to the new target.

Then as the rain subsided and the sun came out for a little play they were ready to test the new target at 800 yards.

Hurley had his elevations and zero set for the job and the first shots were fired with instant success.

Shot value, shot placement and shot velocity through the target all indicated on the laptop screen.

They downloaded the necessary APT to access the information and then watched on their smart phones as true spectators.

Excitement all round, shooting over the 800 yard distance with instant results in the palm of their hands, it was a truly and exciting day for the south coastal rifle club.

With a strong frontal fishtail wind blowing, the shoorter’s eyes needed to be alert to the changes and time the trigger release when the conditions were mirrored from the last shot.

Hurley, Jim Dunne, Rene Drew and Donovan were keen to test their skills on the new target.

Drew did the trick scoring the first possible for FTR recording a very nice 60.3 on the card. 

Hurley was the gentleman in his dispatch letting the last two shots go early so the others could get cracking with their dispatches of two sighters with 10 scoring shots.

Hurley’s score was 58.4 F Open and Jim Dunne enjoyed the challenge recording a 56.3 FTR, leaving Donovan to test his skill with the traditional target rifle using iron open sights and sling to aid his effort.

His score of 50.7 was fantastic in the conditions, getting up from the mound very satisfied.

Walking past spectators Ellen and Adrian Moffat sitting in a car, he remarked of his possible and they replied they had watched it on their phone, it’s now a spectator sport.

IT was not all peaches and cream unfortunately, while getting set up for the afternoon competition, target one was hit by a squall and fell flat on the top of the mantelet bringing the competition day to an end.

The target was taken back to the club house for repair which cannot be done without lots of work.

Next Saturday will see practice over 800 yards and the season competition suspended until the controlling target one is repaired.

Innovative: Part of the new Esperance Rifle Club target display which shows the results from Graham Donovan’s shoot at 800 yards.

Innovative: Part of the new Esperance Rifle Club target display which shows the results from Graham Donovan’s shoot at 800 yards.