Esperance stop on Moscow Circus tour at risk following clown clash

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

Moscow Circus marketing manager Mark Edgley said a recent dispute over blow up clowns could deter future performances in Esperance.

Mr Edgley said the blow up clowns were an effective part of the circus’ advertising and if they could not install them this could result in a sharp increase in advertising costs.

The Circus were instructed to remove the advertising on Tuesday, July 31 by the Esperance Shire, resulting in fierce criticism from community members on social media.

“The number one form of advertising for the circus are the blow up clowns,” Mr Edgley said.

“When you have three or four clowns up around town it creates atmosphere.

“I’m West Australian, I love WA, I love Esperance.

“I hope that we don't blow it here, but we can’t go and spend $20,000 [more on advertising], it’s not cheap to run this type of event.”

Esperance Shire chief executive officer Matthew Scott said the Moscow Circus was a great event to have come to Esperance.

“When applying to hold the circus in Esperance an application that describes the type of advertising and promotion the event managers would like to do is included, this is the same in all local governments, for all businesses and for any other similar events,” he said.

“The Clowns can be used as a promotional tool for the Circus, an application/information for this to occur would have seen better communication between the Shire and the event managers that would have had much better results for both parties.

“The Shire staff do not have the discretion to modify the approval process or fees, however had the circus applied for approval to advertise using their clowns then the Council may have resolved to waive or discount the fee to ensure a win –win outcome.

“We hope the Esperance community support the circus coming to town by supporting the show.”