Esperance Football team dominate

Esperance proved far too strong in all aspects of football in their game against Ports.

They scored a massive 22 goals to Ports’ 2 goals to record a 138 point win.

The backline were totally dominant over their Ports forwards all day with Sam Round, Jayden Symonds and Brian Clinch rebounding everything Ports threw at them.

This gave their midfield lots of ball and, with the class of Richard Bourne and Brendon White, the ball spent lots of time in Esperance’s forward half of the ground.

Sharn Campbell and Bailey Johnson were also prolific through the midfield and Harry McPhee worked hard in the ruck.

Ports’ backline worked overtime and actually won many contests and repelled many of Esperance’s forward thrusts but the weight of entries eventually found a target and kept the scoreboard ticking along.

Rhys Campbell, Zac Liddelow and Darcy Cruttenden were great in this area for Ports and Daniel Rider was also gallant.

Ports had their best quarter in the second scoring 1-2 to Esperance’s 3-4 on the back of good clearance work from Cale Walker with to Kane Normanton also doing some good work in the midfield.

In the end, Esperance just had far too many good players pumping the ball forward to the likes of Kayden Neill, Cameron Bennell and Reece Griffiths who put the score on the board.

A Grade:

Esperance 22-21 (153 points) defeated Ports 2-3 (15 points)

Best Esperance: Sam Round, Brendon White, Kayden Neill, Harry McPhee, Bailey Johnson, and Sharn Campbell.

Best Ports: Cale Walker, Zac Liddelow, Darcy Cruttenden, Rhys Campbell, Daniel Rider, and Kane Normanton.