Esperance Netball Association: Weekly report

Esperance Netball Association:

Games played Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21.


Newtown def United

Fast game with a lot of turnovers. Newtown converting their turnovers easily and came away with strong win.

Best Players - B Ross G Adams H Wells D Major

Gibson 51 def Surfers

Very dynamic first quarter by Gibson. Nicely contested by both teams in the second quarter. Surfers got the ball to the post more often but could not convert. Gibson coming away with a nice win in the end.

Rookies 46 def Mallee 32

Best Players - K Zaro K Capelli J Atherton R Poot


Newtown def Surfers

Very clean game with great defines from both teams. Newtown shooters were very consistent.

Best Players - M James J Ensor K Strack K Robartson

Gibson 51 def Mallee 30

Best Players - I Powell L Blackers B Tyrrell Starcevich K Chapman


Newtown 4 37 def Mallee 3 25

Great contested game. Newtown powered on in the last quarter

Best Players - L McWilliams S Newton K Dix K Odoneli

Gibson 4 52 def Gibson 5 14

Well fought out game. Gibson 4 were too strong and accurate. Well done to both teams.

Best Players - C Rooney A Badge Z Fiegert G Fieger


Surfers 43 def Rookies 3 21

Best Players - M Guest T Giles L Green H Brennan

TDS Drew Gibson 3

Strong and Fair game.

Best Players - T Bridges S Walsh B Gordon M Brennan


Rookies 48 def Mallee 17

Fantastic effort from both teams but Rookies were the stronger team who came away with the win.

Best Players - E Young E Wilson J Barber M Rhodes

Surfers 4 33 def Newtown 5 22

Fast paced game with some great intercepts. Surfers converted theirs into more goals.

Best Players - E Grayson C Williams R Dempster C Angus

Newtown 30 def Gibson 27

Good game by both sides. Gibson fought well but Newtown put their foot down.

Best Players - S Thomas K Graham M Christie K Humphries


Surfers 54 def United 30

Strong shooting from Surfers brought them the win.

Best Players - M Bourne Stevens S Corry A Thomas

Newtown 37 def ENA Stars34

Great game between both teams.

Best Players - B Bambra H Rogers E Newton T Hunt