Esperance Rifle Club see fantastic scores

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

A couple of weekends have been and gone since the write-up has been done for the Esperance Rifle Club.

Some fantastic scores have been achieved, both at 400 and 500 yards.

Joel Wickstein realised his dream of a perfect score at 400 yards in fairly challenging conditions on July 7.

The magic double possible score of 120.10 against his name.

The only other person to score a 60 was Adrian Moffat with his second dispatch score of 60.5, 59’s for Mike Henley, Terry Neville Rene Drew, Ian Newman, Dalene Mortimer, meaning they missed the 100 millimetre bull’s eye just once at 400 yards all in the second dispatch for each competitor.

Top scores for the 400 yard event saw Joel Wickstein 120.10, Ian Newman 117.8, Mike Henley 117.7, Rene Drew 116.6, Dalene Mortimer 116.6, Adrian Moffat 114.7 and Steve Mortimer 114.6 rounded out the scores for each division of F Standard, FTR and F Open.

Ian Newman won the handicap with 106 followed by Joel Wickstein 105 and Mike Henley third with 102.

Five hundred yards on July 14 saw a frontal fishtail make the conditions somewhat challenging.

F Standard had Rene Drew on top scoring 117.10, Ellen Moffat second scoring 114.1, followed by Mike Henley with 113.5.

FTR saw Joel Wickstein with his name against number one with 115.7, Michelle Hurley second scoring 114.7 and Jim Dunne third scoring 113.8.

F Open had Ray Hurley on top with a great score of 118.12 and recording a brilliant 60.7 with his second effort.

Second place went to Adrian Moffat scoring a tidy 117.7 and John Stuart 3rd with 104.4.

This left Patrick Wrigley with his black powder target rifle scoring 167 from a possible 200 and with adjustments his final score 84 from 100 quite tidy for the muzzle loader.

Graham Donovan has his traditional target rifle improving with a great score of 99.13 slotting the lot in his first dispatch and letting one slip just out of the bull in his second dispatch.

Handicap winners for the day saw Adrian Moffat first with 103, Ray Hurley second with 102 and Ellen Moffat equal third 101 with Graham Donovan 101.

The best two scores from the last three ranges had Adrian Moffat 206 winning the $50 from Joel Wickstein and Ellen Moffat both with 205.

This Saturday will be over 600 yards.

Visitors are welcome and competition will start at 1.30pm.

See you on the mound.