Esperance football, Gibson defeated by Esperance Bulldogs

Esperance took the honours in the top of the table clash with Gibson, with a winning margin of 24 points.

It was Gibson who threatened to take the game away in the July 14 Round 8 match, winning early clearances with Ben Liddelow in ruck and Ben Staunton snapping the opening goal.

Esperance’s back line put on enough pressure to restrict the scoreboard damage and turned things around by the latter stages getting some inside 50s.

This was when Brendon White’s show began.

He kicked two telling late goals to snatch the lead for the Bulldogs by quarter time and followed with three more in the second quarter to have all of Esperance’s five goals to half-time.

Esperance had gained some ascendancy in the middle through Sam Franzone and Roger Parsons and with Jye Reynolds running off half back they looked threatening.

The third quarter saw Esperance’s back line in Connor Scott and Jayden Symonds give away nothing, while up forward Brian Clinch and Kayden Neill joined Brendon White and added a further four goals to the total while holding Gibson goalless.

Holding a 38-point lead at three-quarter time Gibson could easily have been blown apart in the final stanza but fought the match out well and won the final term by 14 points.

Brett Whiting and Patch Jannings ran the game out well and Matthew Horley in defence was solid.

On the injury front, Matt Archie left the match early with a head clash and Roger Parsons was assisted from the ground with a knee injury which will require further investigation.

Match statistics

Final score:

Esperance 10-5 (65) defeating Gibson 5-11 (41).

Best players for Esperance:

Sam Franzone, Brendon White, Brayden Woods and Jye Reynolds.

Best players for Gibson:

Patch Jannings, Ben Liddelow, Brett Whiting and Matthew Horley.