PETA’s offer to help upgrade toilets doesn’t pass council sniff test

NO THANKS: Above is the banner PETA wanted to hang on public toilets.
NO THANKS: Above is the banner PETA wanted to hang on public toilets.

AN animal rights group has offered to help Tamworth Regional Council upgrade the region’s toilets in exchange for hanging banners on them promoting veganism.

Council recently delayed the upgrade of four public amenities following a cost blow out of $445,000. Despite the shortfall, council has rejected the offer from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

In a letter to council, PETA said the offer was a “win-win situation” for everyone.

“Tamworth Regional Council is not – if you will pardon the expression – flush with funds, we’re prepared to pay a rental fee if you will allow us to place a banner on the sides of the toilets that reads, ‘Meat Stinks. Go Vegan’,” the letter stated.

“This win-win solution would move you closer to refurbishing the loos while providing residents and visitors with an important reminder that while public toilets are often known for having quite a stench, it's the meat industry that really reeks.

“The most powerful step that each of us can take to improve our health and save animals from suffering is to go vegan.”


However, TRC had no hesitation in knocking the offer back.

“It is not council’s practice to have third-party advertising on community buildings,” a TRC spokesperson said.

“While council will continue to source additional funding to replace four public amenities, recently deferred due to a shortfall in funds, this will not come from revenue generated from advertising displayed on other similar facilities.”

The upgrade of the public toilets at the Marsupial Park, Attunga rest stop, Barraba Rotary Park and Moonbi Lookout will be deferred until additional funds become available.