Tour d'Esperance sees cyclists gather from across WA

The 2018 Southern Ports Tour d’Esperance saw athletes compete on the two biggest days of the local cycling calendar.

Nearly 60 cyclists competed through rain and shine in the Tour held on Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15.

Esperance Cycling Club vice president Andrew Maccan said the event was definitely a success.

“The comments from the riders both from Esperance and those who traveled to Esperance for the event was that it was excellent,” he said.

For the first time the Tour d’Esperance hosted a criterium race on day one.

Mr Maccan said the weather was perfect for the new race and it was really well received.

“It was probably the highest level of cycling we have seen on the streets of Esperance,” he said.

Mr Maccan said the weather on day two was not as good, but almost everyone who registered braved the conditions for the handicap race.

Cycling Club president Wayne Karger thanked the Tour’s sponsors and the Esperance Shire for their support.

Esperance Shire president Victoria Brown said council was looking to grow the event.

“There is already a buzz around the town,” she said.

“Some of the businesses are talking about what sort of things they can put on around this event so that you are not just coming down to cycle.

“You can get out and see a bit of the area as well.”

The winner of the Pier Hotel Criterium Race was Tom McCracken.

Aron Barclay came in second, with Shannan Dixon finishing in third.

The Handicap race winner was Logan Stanley, with Grant Shipp the runner up followed by Wayne Karger,  Michael Calway and Ben Pratt.

The fastest male was Tom McCracken and the fastest female was Anna Heitz.