Soft Commodity Logistics go from strength to strength

Soft Commodity Logistics have held a launch night for their new Pro Ag Contracting service on Wednesday evening, July 4.

The family-run business, owned by Matt and Karen Smith, has more than 70 years worth of collective experience in farm management, seed and grain processing and logistics and transport and has operated since 2010.

The company have since gone from strength to strength, taking their services across the country.

Ms Smith said the company were fortunate to have experienced such growth and the launch was a chance to share their new service and thank staff and clients.

“We’ve been able to take our business across the country and we’re fortunate that we’ve experienced such growth in a relatively short time,” she said.

“That said, Matt and I work really hard and we really enjoy what we do.

“Really what we wanted to do with this launch was give our existing clients, family and staff a chance to get together, catch up, launch this new service and really say thank you.”

Mr Smith said their unique service and their dedication to working with customers to deliver the most profitable result was what set the company apart.

“What we offer is really unique in the sense that we deal with the grower but we’re also dealing with companies at that higher level as well,” he said.

Having recently moved to Perth for the ever expanding business, the family said Esperance still felt like home.

“We’re back in Esperance all of the time,” Karen said.

“It really is home to us and all of our family are still here.”

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