Esperance families reminded to ensure their children are fully immunised

Photo: File Image.
Photo: File Image.

Parents of children starting school next year are being reminded to ensure their children are fully immunised. 

Health Department medical adviser Professor Paul Effler said infectious diseases could spread quickly at school and it was vital children were up to date with their vaccinations.

“It is a legislative requirement that a child’s Australian Immunisation Register history is provided at enrollment into public school and most private schools also collect this information,” he said.

“The looming July, 20 enrollment deadline for kindergarten and pre-primary makes this an opportune time to check your child’s immunisation status.”

Mr Effler said immunisation rates in WA had risen to 93 per cent in 2018 for children assessed at one and five years of age.

He said this was encouraging but the department was aiming for 95 per cent.

Data from the Health Department revealed Esperance vaccination rates were above the state average.

Infants aged between 12 and 15 months in Esperance were vaccinated at a rate of 96.94 per cent.

Those aged between 60 and 63 months in Esperance were vaccinated at a rate of 94.84 per cent.

The National Immunisation Program protects children from serious illnesses including measles, mumps, whooping cough, hepatitis B, chickenpox, meningococcal disease, influenza and pneumococcal disease.

For information on where to get vaccinated and starting school visit HealthyWA