Hope Community Services in Esperance is hosting a fashion parade

Hope Community Services is running a series of events to promote community engagement.

Hope ran a beauty session on Monday, June 11 with a second session to be held on Monday, June 18.

The sessions are held to help participants get ready for a ‘Rockin the Runway’ fashion parade on Monday, June 25 from 11:00am to 2:00pm at Esperance Care Services.

Hope counsellor and prevention officer Suzanne Pinker said there were many agencies in town which shared various clients.

“It’s about working together as agencies and trying to come up with an event that will benefit our clients,” she said.

Ms Pinker said the parade and beauty sessions were designed to give clients from local agencies something to look forward to.

“A natural drug in your brain is dopamine, it’s an anticipatory drug where you look forward to something,” she said.

“I came up with the idea of a fashion show.

“It’s designed to benefit those who are working with local agencies to enjoy their life.”

Staff from Hope, Escare, Activ, Esperance Community Services and Bay of Isles Community Outreach have collaborated on the initiative, with clients from all agencies invited to attend.

Parade participants will model an outfit for $5 from Esperance Care Services.

Vouchers for the $5 outfits can be purchased at Hope.

To register for the beauty session on Monday, June 18 contact Escare on 9071 3110.

To register for the fashion parade on Monday, June 25 contact Hope on 9071 5169.