Esperance Farm School purchases new equipment as enrolment numbers hold steady

Photo: McIntosh Distribution.
Photo: McIntosh Distribution.

Students of Esperance Senior High School’s farm program have received brand new machinery amid encouraging enrollment numbers.

Esperance Farm School supervisor Phil Lindsay said the school had consistent numbers in 2018 with 40 students enrolled this year.

“Generally it’s a 50-50 mix of boys and girls,” he said.

Mr Lindsay said the school recently upgraded their cropping machinery with an 11 metre bar and airseeder from Staines Esperance.

He said the purchase was a good decision to help secure the future of the program.

“It was a decision that was based on research and reliability,” he said.

“It brings the program up to industry standard, as well as giving us the ability in the future to introduce a tramline program, which will improve our sustainability and long-term economic viability.”

Mr Lindsay said the revenue from the Agricultural Trust enabled essential purchases such as the bar and airseeder. 

“If we are to teach best practice to future farmers, it is essential that we receive the support from the government, as all our profits go back into our students and the community,” he said.

“In keeping with the Esperance farming community, we help create a sustainable and profitable future for our region.”