Gibson Football Club prove too strong

Gibson proved far too strong for Ports in Saturday’s afternoon fixture running away to a massive 103 point win. 

When the heat was on early, it was Gibson who showed more organisation and poise to thread their way through Ports’ defence and set up scoring opportunities.

Sam Melican took advantage of this during the day to bag eight goals. 

His best return in the local competition.

Brett Whiting down back, George Bungey and Patch Jannings around the clearances were also great and all three would be regularly picking up Hepburn Medal votes having great seasons.

It is hard to be critical of Ports’ effort, they were purely out gunned by a more skilled opponent.

With 5 Colts and 4 reserves playing twice, they were bound to tire as the game wore on.

Nigel Johnston and Jack Watson were stellar in defence with Isaac Puna also showing signs of returning to his best with some long clearances.

Liam Creedon gave grunt in the ruck and around the ground while Zac Liddelow was a tackling machine.

Michael Stephen also had his best game for the year playing midfield and snuck forward to impact the scoreboard.

But, as mentioned earlier, Gibson just had far too many winners of the contested ball and then would speed, change direction and run to keep Ports constantly on the back front. 

Nathan Mudie roamed far and wide to pick up many possessions and Callum Smart worked hard up and down the ground to link up play. 

A Grade:

Gibson 19-15 (129) defeated Ports 4-2 (26).

Best Gibson: Sam Melican, Brett Whiting, George Bungey, Nathan Mudie, and Callum Smart.

Best Ports: Nigel Johnston, Jack Watson, Isaac Puna, Liam Creedon, and Zac Liddelow.