Castletown Primary School commences Whole School Faction Sports program

The Whole School Faction Sports is underway at Castletown Primary School.

The program began on Friday, June 1 for students from Year 1 to Year 6. 

The sports day is held every Friday with students competing in skill based sports for an hour, in addition to their usual hour of allocated sports education.

Associate principal Ashley Weckert said in previous years the school ran morning fitness sessions but wanted to find a way to promote their factions.

Mr Weckert said the factions were Parmelia (green), Cygnet (yellow), Challenger (blue) and Success (red). 

Physical Education specialist teacher Sarah Ebbott said students would build resilience, courage, interpersonal skills and camaraderie.

“The Whole School Faction Sports program aims to build the capacity of students both socially and academically,” she said.

“It builds their resilience in learning to win and lose graciously.

“There will be faction points allocated for spirit, displaying the school virtues, and for competition results.”

At the end of the year, a winning faction will be announced and the Spirit Award will be presented.

Students are being encouraged to wear their faction shirts every Friday.

Ms Ebbott said the school was seeking parents or carers to help facilitate. 

“The role includes supporting the delivery of a session plan constructed by the Physical Education specialist,” she said.

“It is recommended helpers are familiar with the sport and confident in the delivery of the session.”

Year one and two students will work on their fundamental motor skills such as throwing, catching, punting and kicking.

Year three to six students will compete in netball, soccer, football and other team building games.

Parents who wish to volunteer on a regular basis can contact the school on 9071 5599.