Nulsen woman found guilty of assault

A 41-year-old Nulsen woman has been dealt a conditional suspended imprisonment term after being found guilty of striking her child several times with an aluminium broom.

The woman appeared in Esperance Magistrates Court on Tuesday, May 15, pleading guilty to Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm.

The court heard that on the morning of December 15, 2017 the woman had an argument with her 10-year-old child over a pair of basketball shorts before striking the child several times on the arm and back using an aluminium broom.

The victim was later taken to Hospital to be treated for the injuries after reporting the incident to a Primary School teacher.

Photographs of the victim’s bruising as well as a hospital medical report were presented in court to Magistrate Hills-Wright.

The offender’s defence lawyer told the court she had had a lengthy and frank discussion with her client, who has since lost custody of her two youngest children as a result.

The defence lawyer said the offender had admitted that what she did was wrong and had expressed remorse, desperate to regain custody of her children.

The court heard the mother of three did have one prior conviction for a similar incident that occured with her eldest child in 2007.

The court also heard the offender was willing to undergo counselling for both drug use and anger issues, having already sought assistance from a number of community outreach centres.

Magistrate Hills-Wright addressed the fact that the offender had no record of violence in the community, with both convictions in relation to her children.

“They’re [the children] at risk if this doesn’t stop,” he said.

“This was clearly excessive, with the victim struck a number of times with a weapon.

“The impact of this offending on the child is well-known; you cannot assault your own children and your daughter needs to be protected.

“Discipline to that extent is not discipline, it’s assault.”

Magistrate Hills-Wright handed down a conditional suspended imprisonment term of 12 months, with supervision requirements and conditions attached.