Esperance Crop Zone endures damage

Photo: Mark Seymour.

Photo: Mark Seymour.

Severe winds throughout the Esperance Zone have caused damage to emerging canola crops through wind blast.

The damage was greater on the lighter soils, with paddocks without anchored stubble left burnt, spaded, and ploughed. 

Grain Industry Association of Western Australia said there were still reasonable areas of canola emerging from earlier plantings and most paddocks sown into moisture had variable emergence ranging from 0 to 70 per cent. 

Isolated pockets of early sown canola, lupin and cereals are up in the eastern, south coastal and Esperance regions with most paddocks patchy due to a lack of follow up rain.

Dry sowing of canola is set to finish up this week, May 18, with close to 240,000 hectares being planted.

There has been a slight increase in the number of legume plantings throughout the region this year.

Dry sowing of barley is currently underway, with the planned area of 320,000 hectares slightly up on earlier forecasts.

Only small areas of wheat have been sown so far and the intended area will remain similar to that in 2017,  down as a result of the increase in barley plantings.

The Grower Group Alliance will be holding a number of events in the region in the coming months, including a Governance workshop at Esperance Bay Yacht Club on Friday, June 15 and an ASHEEP conference on Thursday, June 21.

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