Goldfields-Esperance Touring Circuit kicks off

The new Goldfields-Esperance Touring Circuit have kicked off their first show of the tour at the Cannery Arts Centre on Thursday, April 12.

Around 100 people gathered at the family-friendly event which featured local acts JohnRatcliff, Rasgueado, and Rachel Vibart, as well as co-headliners The Tapping Stickz and Grand Casual.

Grand Casual member Kyron Smithson said he was very happy with the turn out on the evening and appreciated the community’s ongoing support.

Mr Smithson also extended thanks to West Australian Music’s regional officer Nigel Bird for his work with the touring circuit.

The Tapping Stickz and Grand Casual are now set to head to Norseman before performing in Kalgoorlie and Leonora.

To listen to Grand Casual’s first single, visit

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