This is where this chapter ends

Former Esperance resident Samara Clark has moved her family as she takes on an exciting new role.
Former Esperance resident Samara Clark has moved her family as she takes on an exciting new role.

Tis never an easy task saying goodbye.

How does one farewell over 4yrs of built relationships and a lifetime of memories?

How does one even begin to thank an entire town for providing unimaginable opportunities?

Words can’t describe the excitement and fear I possess as in just over a week, I will be starting my new adventure in the Pilbara.

Red dirt and unashamed heat has always called to my heart and leading the newest headspace regional project is truly an adventure my family and I are ready for.

Esperance has, and always will be, home.

It offers safety, grounding and beauty amongst the remoteness and perseverance this community contains.

I arrived with no knowledge on how my life would continue or what path would open for growth.

But step by step, doors unlocked and here I am.

Many people have been part of my journey and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Now as I watch this town catapult towards international acknowledgement through social media and word of mouth, it makes me proud to have been part of the magic.

Esperance holds imagination, creativity and the passion to showcase the unique wilderness we experience on a daily basis.

We are a diverse mix of generational roots and fresh blood with one thread in common-the desire to create a sustainable future.

The Pilbara will bring its own challenges, of that I am certain.

But when we return I know that all our experiences can only assist in the moulding of the minion’s characters and offer Esperance another layer of ideas and school of thought.

The goat child and her brothers have accepted the move quite well.

As long as there is soccer, dance and a pool, they are happy.

This will be the fifth school for Kobe and whilst that may seem plenty for a young person, I want my minions to know the joy that full immersion into different towns and cultures brings.

My mini-humans have lived in several places and have their own memories and experiences they often reflect on.

This is where this chapter ends.

It has been a blast Esperance and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.