Alzheimer’s WA promoted ‘dementia friendly communities’ in Esperance

Alzheimer’s WA came to Esperance to raise awareness and encourage the town to be a ‘dementia friendly community’. 

Chief executive officer Rhonda Parker said the organisation struggled in the past to extend services to remote areas but had recently received funding to travel to the regions.

“Alzheimer’s WA has been supported through Royalties for Regions funding and the WA Country Health Service to deliver our ‘dementia friendly’ program through the Southern inland health area,” she said.

“That work will take that program to 15 towns in the Great Southern and Esperance was one of those places to be included.

“We’ve been very keen to improve the access to information and support to people living in the regions and through this funding we’ve been able to do that.”

Ms Parker said dementia patients in remote places such as Esperance had a harder time accessing services and support.

“We know there are definitely issues for communities, families and individuals around access if you live in the region,” she said.

“It’s much harder to access medical and community support.

“We’re really committed to improving the equity of access for people living with dementia to get information about what dementia is and what you or your loved one’s journey is going to look like.”

Ms Parker said the talks were also designed to help people working in industries like transport and retail to respond to customers or service users who have dementia.

The talk in Esperance was delivered by coordinator Althea Gordon, who spoke at the Reception Room in the Civic Centre from 10am Monday March 12.

Ms Parker said help for those living with dementia was only a phone call away.

“If we can’t ourselves provide the help required then we can act as a navigator to help people understand what support there is and how they can access it,” she said.

To seek assistance from Alzheimer’s WA call 1300 66 77 88.