Escare volunteers thanked for 35 years of service

Escare celebrated their 35th anniversary and International Women’s Day on Thursday March 8.

The family service charity acknowledged the work of their volunteers and the community over the years at the George Street Centre.

Escare helps people in Esperance with housing affordability, social isolation, financial stress and child care.

Service manager Jo Aberle said many of the volunteers had served with the organisation for ten years or more.

“We’ve got a lot of longevity,” she said.

“We are family friendly and we are passionate about what we do.

“We love our work and it shows because we hang around and have a real commitment.”

Ms Aberle said Escare worked with many groups within the community, including the Shire and Esperance Psychology, and said they wanted to expand these collaborations.

Indigenous Strategy general manager Kyra Bonney grew up in Esperance and spoke about International Women’s Day at the event.

“It needs to have a spotlight because [the day] is about making progress for women,” she said.

“It’s about gender equity and equal pay.

“I’ve experienced [these issues] during my life and in my career, being an Aboriginal woman it was a lot harder.

“But I’ve thrived and it’s really important for us women to lead and for men to be vehicles of change.”