Esperance International Women's Day walk

Esperance women are invited to take part in a walk to promote girls education and celebrate International Women’s Day.

The Thursday March 15 ‘Walk Beside Her’ is part of the week-long 2018 Leave No Woman Behind Press for Progress campaign.

The event was organised by Esperance Senior High School teacher Renee Passell and will begin at 6:30am and finish at 8:00am.

Ms Passell said the walk would start at Taylor Street Quarters and finish at Coffee Cat.

“The aim of the event is for women of all ages and walks of life to get together in the Esperance community and share ideas about how to help other women locally, nationally and globally in the area of their interest,” she said.

“It could be business opportunities, education, health or sports.

“We’ve got a lot of talent in Esperance so it would be amazing if we could use that talent to help other people or help other women in our community who need it.”

Ms Passel said her goal was to start up a conversation.

“You might walk with someone who has a great idea for a fundraising event, then you organise to follow up on that at a future date.

“Instead of sitting down and having a meeting I thought why don't we walk and talk.

“Some people might come and not have any ideas to share but it will still be a nice morning to walk with other women.”

Ms Passell encouraged walkers to make a voluntary $10 donation to her non-profit organisation, Do You See What I See, which works towards ‘education and gender empowerment’ .