Pink Lake Recovery Project underway

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This Saturday, March 10, will mark the first public clean up session at Pink Lake, after Pink Lake Recovery Project founder Chris Pope established The Tarp Target Recovery event.

Mr Pope said time was running out for the group, with the last clean up later cancelled as a result of wet weather restricting access to the area.

“We’re running out of time before winter hits – we need to get this done ASAP,” he said.

However, a week of sunshine and temperatures in the high 20s have allowed the area to dry out, making it safe for volunteers to undertake the clean up.

”Weather permitting, hopefully we’ll have the green light to walk around the outer edge to the tarp site and we can begin getting rid of the surface plastic that are on the northern part of the lake,” Mr Pope said.

“Mike Smithson, a wool trader in town, has been kind enough to lend us some massive nylon woolpack bags to actually put the plastic into until we can find out what to do with it.

“That will be our next task.”

The Pink Lake Recovery Project began several months ago in a bid to restore Pink Lake to its former glory, with a group of passionate residents banding together to protect the town asset.

The Lake was known as Lake Spencer until 1966, when the Shire president requested the name be changed in a bid to capitalise on the tourist attraction.

The Lake later lost its pink appearance as a result of construction in the area and commercial salt mining from 1896 until 2007.

The area has been severely neglected, with rubbish and decommissioned blue plastic covering the site.

The group is now calling on the state government to extend the nature reserve perimeter to encompass the Lake in the hope of protecting the area for future generations.

Stage One of The Tarp Target Recovery will begin at 9am on Saturday morning, March 10, with children welcome to participate.

Mr Pope advised participants to exercise caution when accessing the lake, warning the public not to cut across the lake because of the stromatolites in the area.

For more information, please see the Pink Lake Recovery Group Facebook page or the The Tarp Target Recovery - Stage One Facebook event.