Esperance Senior High School received a visit from the US Consul General

The US Consul General praised the excellent facilities at Esperance Senior High School when she visited the region this week.

Consul General Rachel Cooke represents Americans in WA and was in Esperance to promote diplomatic ties and business opportunies.

“I represent American businesses that might be interested in operating in WA, Americans living in WA and also Australian companies that operate in the United States,” she said.

Ms Cooke met with staff and students at the high school to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education and said she was very impressed with the Trade Training Centre.

“The Trade and Training Centre is really world class,” she said.

“I’m impressed with the school and also with the Residential College, so that students from further away can come and stay and don't have to study at home if they don't want to.

“There are good opportunities and it’s a good school.”

Ms Cooke has a background in marine biology and worked at NASA before she became a diplomat.

She encouraged students to consider pursuing a science education because it will give them skills regardless of the field they eventually enter.

“You will be able to think differently than everyone else.”

Ms Cooke said she had spoken with Shire leadership about business opportunities between WA and the United States.

“Just in talking with people around town and some of the Shire leadership, it sounds like there’s a lot of opportunities in agriculture, out with the port and the rail line, and maybe with some mining lithium and nickel.

“Maybe we can see about American companies that might be interested, or if there are products here that people might want to trade to the US.”

Ms Cooke said these potentials were only in the ‘research stage’.

“The purpose of me travelling around is to understand the bigger picture and if there might be a connection we can make with an American company.”