Blue Child Collective take to the Cannery

Margaret River music act Blue Child Collective will arrive in Esperance this weekend to perform at The Cannery Arts Centre’s Balmy Nights event on Saturday, March 10.

Since the band was established, Blue Child Collective have explored everything from folk to funk, blues, jazz, reggae and anything that hits home.

With much of the band’s music lyrically centred around elements, imagery and metaphors influenced by his coastal upbringing, Blue Child frontman Dan White said he felt he resonated with the coastal country town crowd.

“We’ve done really well around the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane/Gold Coast area, and have had some beautiful intimate shows in Melbourne, but some cities just aren’t worth playing in yet, as I feel we get lost in the noise and distractions that often go with city life,” he said.

“It [the tour] has been epic – really heart-warming to return to some towns for the fourth or fifth time and see both familiar faces and new ones so excited about what we’re doing.”

Mr White said the first song he wrote for the band was born out of an epiphany about how little separates us as human beings. 

“The whole concept of Blue Child Collective came about when I was in a transitionary period between working for someone else and working for myself as a full-time musician, while travelling Europe and refocusing on why I was playing music,” he said.

“I basically wrote this song called ‘Blue Child’ – it’s on our first EP – when I had this epiphany that, at the end of the day, we’re all just humans hanging out on this little blue planet floating through space, and there’s really far less than we think which separates us.

“From then, writing, recording and performing music became focussed around bringing people together – facilitating connection if you like – and having a good time doing it.”

Having toured since 2015, Mr White said the journey of live performance meant evoking emotion within the audience.

“It’s all about the journey for us in terms of live performance; bring it up and down, feel the dynamics and use them to invoke emotion within our audiences to help facilitate the stories we weave through the songs and banter.”

To catch the band on their Australian tour, purchase tickets to Balmy Nights Tickets via Trybooking at

Balmy Nights begins at The Cannery Arts Centre on Saturday, March 10, from 6pm.