Keep Esperance Beautiful group clean up

More than 38 volunteers have collected 58 bags worth of rubbish around the Esperance region as part of the annual Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday, March 4.

Volunteers of all ages attended the two clean up sessions, the day beginning with a 9am morning session at Twilight Beach before the afternoon session at 1.30pm in Nulsen.

Keep Esperance Beautiful organiser Jennifer Morcombe said she felt the group had really made a difference, with the locations now safer for visitors, children and wildlife.

“It’s the flow on effect and it’s nice to see the environment looking good when you go for a walk,” she said.

“It was really worthwhile doing.”

“Compared to last year, the turn out and the amount of rubbish collected is very similar but I think the rubbish problem is actually getting much worse.

“It’s almost like people are getting a little too complacent about it.”

Ms Morcombe said she was concerned by the rubbish found, with serious hazards in play areas accessible to children.

“The majority of the rubbish found was old cans and take away food litter but we also found a number of rusting car parts, glass and needles,” she said.

Having searched the area around the beach for waste, volunteer David Ovans said the majority was found tucked into rocks.

“There wasn’t as much rubbish as we thought but you’ve really got to look amongst those rocks,” he said. 

“I also picked up a lot of very small microplastic, about the size of a thumbnail.

“There is a lot of that in that bag and it’s breaking up.”

Volunteer Jackie Smith said most of the rubbish she collected included beer bottles and cans and believed many were ignorant when it came to waste.

“I think a lot of people are ignorant, they think out of sight, out of mind,” she said.

Volunteer Kath Bowering said everyone had a responsibility to keep the town beautiful. 

“Where we did the street at Lalor Park, that is locals - and I know because I see it all of the time,” she said.

Ms Morcombe said many left feeling really positive about having made a real difference to their town.

Ms Morcombe extended thanks to all those who participated and to Nulsen Primary School for allowing the group to utilise their facilities for afternoon tea.