Darren West promises Royalties for Regions will continue under Labor

Local MLC Darren West has said Labor is 100 per cent committed to Royalties for Regions.

Mr West welcomed the Premier’s announcement that Royalties for Regions will remain.

“Only a McGowan Labor Government can deliver Royalties for Regions,” Mr West said

The Agricultural MLC’s comments come in the wake of the State Opposition leader’s comments that it should be ‘built into the overall budget’.

Liberal leader Mike Nahan’s comments caused WA Nationals leader Mia Davies to declare her’s was the only party left representing the regions.

“The [Labor and Liberal parties] have party rooms dominated by city MPs,” she said.

“So while they’re focusing on city seats, The Nationals will remain focused on delivering for our constituents in regional WA.”

Mr West said the McGowan Labor Government had already made decisions to reduce the high levels of unnecessary funding under the previous government.

“The McGowan Government will also ensure Royalties for Regions is better governed and better spent,” he said.

Mr West said Mr Nahan’s position was ‘a slap in the face’ for the regions.

“The Opposition Leader has confirmed that under a future Liberal-National Government, Royalties for Regions is dead.

“Divisions between the Liberals and Nationals in the former government trashed the Royalties for Regions program and led to millions of dollars in wastage.

“Now the Liberals have revealed they will abandon regional WA in government and the Nationals are helpless to prevent it.”