Esperance weather warning issued as severe thunderstorms expected.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has issued a weather warning for residents of Esperance, Kalgoorlie, Norseman, Menzies, Salmon Gums and Southern Cross. 

The Department advised residents to take action and stay safe as severe thunderstorms, bringing heavy rain, are expected.

The warning was issued at 11:36 AM on February 26, 2018

DFES advised anyone outside to find safe shelter away from trees, powerlines, storm water drains and streams.

Residents are advised to close their curtains and blinds, and stay inside away from windows, unplug electrical appliances and avoid using landline telephones if there is lightning.

“If there is flooding, create your own sandbags by using pillow cases filled with sand and place them around doorways to protect your home,” DFES said.

Anyone in the affected area should leave the water if they are boating, swimming or surfing.

The storms are likely to produce damaging winds, rainfall that may lead to flash flooding and large hailstones in the warning area from around midday.

At the time of release, roads had not been closed.

However if you are driving, DFES advises to take extra care on the roads, slow down, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and do not drive into water of unknown depth and current.

DFES is monitoring the situation.

If your home has been badly damaged by a storm, call the SES on 132 500

In you are in a life threatening situation call 000.