Letters to the editor

“State funds out of whack”; The Esperance Express, February 9.

Dear Editor,

The Member for Roe’s constant criticisms about government expenditure in Esperance are misguided and completely overlook what is actually happening in and around the community. 

Since the election of the McGowan Labor Government, Esperance has seen the allocation of funds for a new Recreation Centre and upgrades to the local TAFE. 

The long-awaited Esperance extension to the wild dog fence will also now be built to allow local farmers to safely run sheep again.

We have appointed new education support staff at the Nulsen Primary School, Esperance Senior High School and at the Residential College. 

Two Esperance Primary Schools were included in the first 100 schools across WA to be allocated funds to transform classrooms into science laboratories.

We are currently working to ensure a future for local workers after Cliffs move on from our region and to open up opportunities for others to move in.

We have passed the WA Jobs Bill through the Parliament to create regional jobs and will amend legislation to allow Port Authorities to use local workers first.

On my first visit to Esperance, I was saddened to see the state the Recreation Centre, the TAFE and the iconic Esperance Tanker Jetty were left in after eight years of the Barnett Liberal/National Government.

Unlike the WA Nationals, we will work with the local community to address their needs and provide real job opportunities.

WA Labor strongly supports our regions.

We have thirteen regional MP’s in the Parliament, more than any other party.  

Our door is always open.

Agricultural Region Labor MLC Darren West

Time is running out

Dear Editor,

It's been a few days since the Shire of Esperance denied the motion from the Friends of the Esperance Tanker Jetty's motion to save the jetty (7-2). 

And right now there is a mixture of emotions.

Sadness because this may have been the last chance and anger towards the 7 who continue to ignore what we beg of them.

I'm currently on my holiday away from Esperance and one of places I went to is Busselton. 

While I was there I went to the famous Busselton Jetty where it was in the same situation as the Eaperance Jetty.

I decided to take the 1.7 km walk along this famous jetty on one afternoon and I learnt a lot from that experience.

With the wind howling in my face and the clash of the ocean against the structure I forged on and learnt more along the way, at last after 1.7 km I reached the very end, then turned around for the trek back.

This I what I learnt from it.

The Busselton Jetty has had fires, storms and even Cyclone Alby in 1978 deal damage to the jetty over its lifetime, that worst than ours.

It was also in far worst shape than ours. 

And it was deemed irreparable. 

But the community group did their own research via a second opinion with the very same engineer that looked at ours.

He also said it could be salvaged. 

And so through the efforts of the community they were able to salvage 50 per cent of the jetty and rebuild the rest of it.

Ever since that day it was reopened, Busselton has exploded in population and tourism.

If we can learn from the people of Busselton we need to find a peaceful solution, instead of divided opposition.

At least salvage whatever we can out of the existing structure and rebuild the rest, instead of waste more money demolishing it and building a new one, because once it's gone, it's gone.

It’s one of only 3 Timber Jetties that still in exist in Australia. 

Personally, I would tell my story to all 9 members of the Council.

To the Friends of Esperance Tanker Jetty I say thank you to you for the effort thus.

People of Esperance, time is running out.

Mitch Ashenhurst.