Tourism WA volunteers guide cruise ship passengers in Esperance

Tourism WA volunteers have been an irreplaceable asset in Esperance for more than a decade.

Tourism Esperance chairperson Wayne Halliday, said the volunteers provided an invaluable service to the community since ships arrived in 2005.

“We have a pool of about 20 volunteers that come in every time a cruise ship comes to town,” he said.

“Their knowledge of town is invaluable for the visitor experience.

“On their first time to Esperance, tourists are not completely sure of what they would like to see, so the volunteers give them a hand on the highlights, and the things that are must dos during the day trip.”

Mr Halliday said whilst many volunteers own tourism related businesses, others have no vested interest other than to serve their community.

“They’re all probably our greatest asset.”

“As the chairperson of Tourism Esperance, I’m extremely grateful for their volunteering services.”

Mr Halliday said the volunteers direct travelers to the must see attractions in Esperance such as Lucky Bay and Twilight Cove.

“They help give tourists a bit of background and then they’ll direct them on to tours that are happening that day.”

Volunteer, Sandy Sellars said she gave her time to multiple local groups and was happy to promote tourism in Esperance.

“We’re retired and have extra time,” she said.

“Its a community service and we enjoy it.”