Esperance builders fined

Esperance builders FGS Contracting Pty Ltd and the company’s sole director, Ryan Wayne Franceschi, have been fined $5,000 each and deregistered, after they were found guilty of negligence.

The Building Services Board imposed the fines and cancelled their builder registrations, after the company were found to have been incompetent in connection with a building service.

It was also found that Mr Franceschi had provided misleading information to the Board in order to obtain a builder’s registration.

Building Commissioner Ken Bowron said Mr Franceschi had signed the declaration on the application form stating all information provided was true but at least one of his claims of experience and the accompanying verification were false.

“The Board’s April 2015 decision to grant Mr Franceschi’s building practitioner registration was based on the false information he provided,” he said.

“Making false or misleading statements to the Building Services Board or providing false or misleading information in a registration application are serious offences that, in addition to the cancellation of a builder’s registration, can result in penalties of up to $25,000.”

The disciplinary action taken against the building contractor was for negligence in connection with the construction of a commercial-sized shed at a Grass Patch property in 2016.

Mr Bowron said the company had failed to exercise the care and skill expected of a registered building contractor in the construction of the shed’s roof, which appeared to have caused or contributed to the injury of a worker.