Goldfields-Esperance Industry Road Safety

The Goldfields-Esperance Industry Road Safety Alliance have begun rolling out a new campaign in a bid to mitigate industry road traffic risks.

The Horns and Hooves on the Highway campaign aims to reduce the risks associated with stray cattle on the roads within the region.

The Alliance was formed in 2015 and comprises of representatives from local industries including mining and transport organisations as well as Main Roads.

Alliance chairperson Helen Anderson said the campaign was about raising awareness and educating road users on regional road safety risks.

“This campaign was launched by the Kimberley Alliance Group because they saw that it was definitely an issue within their region and they were trying to identify what some of the key things they could do to raise awareness and reduce incidents,” she said. 

“Initially, we thought that it wasn’t relevant for us but when we started discussing it with our Alliance members they said just because we couldn’t see the incidents, it didn’t mean they weren’t an issue.”

“It’s definitely a major issue on the unsealed roads.”

Just last week, the RAC released new figures showing that animal and car collisions across the state had risen 25 per cent between 2016 and 2017.

Ms Anderson said the campaign featured a number of helpful tips for motorists travelling throughout remote parts of the state.

“There are five tips around the promotion that include remaining alert, reducing your speed, being wise about the time you chose to travel, particularly travelling at dusk and dawn, driving to the conditions, and just knowing how to react,” she said.

“I think there have been a lot of events that have occured regionally that involved people automatically braking really hard – and that’s the worst possible thing you can do.

“If there is an animal in front of you, brake firmly, sound your horn and don’t swerve.”

The Horns and Hooves on the Highway campaign was first released to Alliance members on February 23, with campaign promotion and implementation in their workplaces now underway. 

The Alliance work closely with RoadWise and the Road Safety Commission but are predominately industry based.

For information or to find out how your business can join, contact Helen Anderson on