Batman wins every time

I couldn’t help but smile.

She was dancing to the music in her soul and didn’t care who was watching, and this time it wasn’t the goat child centre stage.

It was a mini-human I spotted at the swimming pool, standing on the edge of the concrete, grooving away.

Her friends were deep in conversation and she kept dancing.

Children were splashing around her and she kept dancing.

Her drum was beating loudly, and my heart sang. She was present and living life right at that very moment and nothing else mattered.  This gives me ammo to continue dancing in the supermarket aisles.

Gotta keep it real for the minions. They need to know the meaning of embarrassment. It’s my duty.

I realised this year that I need to be more ‘unorganised’.  Even typing that word causes tension in my temple.

Letting go and not diarising every minute of every day is a hard concept to swallow for a planning freak.

I started by replying to a fellow parent about a birthday party the day before.

Woah. Big stuff I know. I high-fived myself. Literally.

Being busy is a hard act to maintain.

It stops the flow of genuine conversation, down time doesn’t exist, and the rush between commitments causes cereal for dinner.  There is a limit to how many times one can make the word ‘weetbix’ sound exciting.

Fifth gear is familiar to me, I operate quite well in this zone, but it isn’t healthy.

I need to do more things for me, things that recharge my battery and make me slow down. My favourite release is dancing under the stars with my headphones blasting a heavy beat. I am sure it is amusing for those driving past. Being present for most of the day can be taxing, so I truly look forward to the 9.11pm questions.

‘Mum, if I build a time machine and Jack builds a time machine and then I steal his time machine and go back to the past, is it still stealing in the future?’ What?

‘Mum, does the Queen have to stay in her castle all locked up forever?’ Huh?!

‘Mum, who would win out of Batman and a Lion?’ nah, I’m out.

Update on the goat child: She has recently added Acro to her dance schedule. She can’t even do a handstand. 

This will be a cracker of a year. She rocks my world.