Woolworths employee receives recognition

Woolworths employee Thomas Rae has been recognised for his customer service, receiving the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry's monthly award.

Mr Rae said he had no idea he had been nominated for the award and believed his coworkers were joking with him.

“I had no clue and I thought work were just pulling my leg and mucking around with me,” he said.

Having worked at the store for more than eight years, Mr Rae said he considered himself the store’s ‘short fix’.

“If they need me, if someone is sick or they need additional staff, they put me where they need me,” he said.

“If they need me in the deli or butchery or bakery or in the aisles, I’m there.

“I come to work and give my best – 100 per cent.”

Mr Rae spent several years pushing trolleys at the store before a manager saw his potential and asked him to consider taking on a retail butcher’s apprenticeship.

“I thought about it and spoke to my old man about it and we decided ‘why not?’,” he said.

“I came in, did an interview and have progressed from there.

“I get to work with lovely staff, we work really well as a team and they’re really good to work with.”

Mr Rae was nominated for always being polite, having great communication, being fast ,efficient and really enjoying his job.

Having been humbled by the nomination, Mr Rae wished to thank the person who nominated him.

“If I knew who it was, I would go up and give them a hug or a handshake or something.”

As a recipient of the monthly award, Mr Rae will go into the running to win the Esperance Chamber of Commerce’s Customer Service of the Year Award.

Consumers who wish to nominate an employee are encouraged to contact admin@esperancecci.com.au