World's Great Shave fundraiser launched by Esperance hockey club

The Phoenix Hockey Club are seeking community support to help them raise money for The Leukemia Foundation, through the World’s Greatest Shave.

One of the team’s youngest players,16 year old Sophie Parker, was diagnosed with leukemia in January 2018, inspiring the team to shave and colour.

Team captain Courteney Moffat described the news of Sophie’s diagnosis as a shock and said the players were inspired to do what they could to support the vital work of The Leukemia Foundation.

“One of our younger members Sophie, was diagnosed with leukemia earlier on  this year and it came as a surprise to us all because she's so young,” Ms Moffat said.

“We thought if she's doing it tough, I suppose we can go and shave our head to show her our support.

“We thought we'd all try and pitch in to raise money for The Leukemia Foundation.”

Two players, Nicky Tesoriero and Vicky Hempsell, will shave, whilst other players will dye their hair.

Ms Moffat said the Parker family were happy the team was showing their support.

“Sophie and her mum were really excited, and a little bit shocked that we said we were going to do this for her.”

“They were really over the moon and couldn't thank us enough for showing support.”

The entire team was involved in the event in some way, Ms Moffart said.

“There’s about 10 of us who are committed to shaving or colouring, the rest are going to donate money,” she said.

“We had 14 players and all of them will be committed in one way or another.

“One of them is a hairdresser and she’s opted to wax, shave or colour anyone's hair who comes along.”

Ms Moffat said every donation counts.

“Our big goal is $10 000, we don’t have much time to raise it but we’d like to get as close as we can.”

“It's not just going to our friend, it's going to anybody who's suffering leukemia, it’s mental and emotional support throughout the whole journey.

“Currently our friends are helped by the foundation with housing and accommodation.

“So it’s vital to help these people get back on their feet and on the road to recovery.”

Vice captain Nicky Tesoriero said there were an increasing number of people in her life with cancer and she wanted to shave her head to support families who are struggling .

“We all look after each other and Sophie's always been a pretty good team member,” she said.

“She’s always trying to help out and the players on the team try to look out for each other.

“We want to show our support for her, and her family because they are going through a pretty tough time and shaving is pretty meaningful because you’re making a sacrifice.”

Ms Tesoriero currently has long curly hair and said it would take a long time for her to grow it back.

Ms Moffat said they would let Sophie decide which colours to dye their hair.

“Our team is black and red, so there's a possibility we could go with team colours, we’ll just have to wait and see what Sophie says,” she said.

The team will colour and shave on Friday March 16, 2018.

To donate to the Phoenix Hockey Club’s World’s Greatest Shave fund or to sponsor individual team members click here.

Over 60,000 people have blood cancer or related disorders in Australia, and on average one Australian is diagnosed every 41 minutes, according to The Leukemia Foundation.

2018 will be the 20th year of the World’s Greatest Shave.

Ms Tesoriero said the team are short on players this year, but are trying hard to put a team together.

“We are a very friendly team that like to have a bit of fun if anyone would like to join and help us out,” she said.

For further information on joining the team call Nicky Tesorieo on 0467 879 530.