Esperance Centrecare Valentine's Day, charity promotes relationships with roses

Centrecare Esperance was at Post Office Square on Valentine’s Day to promote healthy relationships.

The Catholic non-profit organisation handed out free roses to locals in the town centre.

Esperance branch team leader Paul Denaro, said the organisation was using Valentine’s Day to highlight the value of relationships.

“On Valentine’s Day we like to promote healthy relationship,” he said. 

“Those healthy relationships can be with your loved ones, with your family or with your friends.

“We like to promote relationships in and of themselves, and for people to be very healthy and very loving with each other.

“That's what we're trying to spread through the world with just a few roses and we’re using Valentine's Day as that healthy, happy vehicle.”

The volunteers for Esperance Centrecare were part of a statewide event this Valentine’s Day.

“All our offices are going throughout Perth, and that's everything from the Goldfields in Kalgoorlie through to Perth Central itself,” Mr Denaro said.