Upcoming music events with Kyron Smithson

CanJam Volume 2 lies just around the corner, and promises to be bigger and better than the first.

I have to say that, in the midst of checklists and fine tuning, I am growing increasingly excited.

I find myself constantly considering new and improved ways of presenting music, an ongoing evolution of event delivery. CanJam’s primary goal was to deliver a great music program while remaining accessible to the public.

This can be a difficult task as artist fees and production costs regularly mean a higher ticket price must be set.

To solve this problem we approached local businesses with an eye to sponsorship to support CanJam by keeping entry prices to a minimum.

Elpha, Lucky Bay Brewing, The Village, Esperance Window Cleaning, Brodeine and Dein, J.Rat Handyman, Tradewinds, Triple M, GIFSA, BOICO and Express Yourself Printing answered the call supplying the funds that have allowed CanJam to have exceptional local and touring artist line-ups while keeping to an accessible $5 entry price for non-Cannery Members and free to Members and children under 12.

The second instalment of the event takes place at the Cannery Arts Centre on Sunday the 25th of February from 2pm featuring, Swamp Thing, Myles Mitchell and the Hot Mama Band, Mel and Michael and Bec Schutz.

Artisan markets, food, beer and a range of kids activities combine to create an atmosphere and mini festival I hope to see become a mainstay of Esperance Summer for years to come.

And so to round out my prelude to CanJam I offer a quick rundown of the acts.

Swamp Thing are a driving New Zealand two piece who are hard to match for energy and their ability to get the crowd jumping.

Comprised of Grant Haua and Michael Barker (former drummer of the John Butler Trio) they are an absolute treat to see in full flight and an amazing addition to a small town festival line-up.

Myles Mitchell is a singer songwriter based out of Denmark, he is a highly active member of the West Australian music scene. Myles brings to the event chill rock and reggae vibes, with his Hot Mama Band delivering a funky groove that should not be missed.

After a time away from solo performance local legend Michael Smith of Lazy Boys fame returns to the spotlight joined by Mel Wych’s.

Together the duo plays a soulful brand of stripped backed acoustic numbers, Mel’s voice soaring over Michaels exceptional guitar technique. And finally, a relative newcomer to the local scene Bec Schutz has quickly gained momentum with a truly honest raw talent, impressing with each performance and building a strong local following and reputation.